Do you have a Wix website you’re having issues with?

Have you been looking at the Wix support pages and been simply told it is a local issue and that you should follow a few simple steps to resolve the issue yourself?

Piece of cake, right? Well no, not necessarily.

Support that doesn’t help

At GeekFree Web Design we often hear of Wix customers asking for help to make their sites more visible and reporting issues with the Wix interface, in particular, the Wix editor not loading. This is a fairly common problem and from what we understand, there is not much support out there to help you right when you need it. Or, if there is help from Wix customer support, they might ask you to complete steps which could cause even more issues.

The Wix Fix

That’s where we come in. We can take all this pain away for you. We have a Wix website repair service. We can provide a Wix Fix and give your site a total overhaul. With years of experience building and fixing web sites, there aren’t many issues we haven’t seen before.

Talk to our Geekfree team about fixing your site. Call 0800 686 237.

Web site support when you need it

Everybody’s got their “go-to” person for services they either don’t want to or just shouldn’t be doing themselves, like haircuts, plumbing, accounting (in my case) or mechanical repairs.

I think it would be safe to say that building a website from scratch would either fall into the “service you shouldn’t be doing yourself” or “why would you want to” category.

local website supportMany people, for very good reason, are much more interested in putting time into learning about the latest developments in their business, or fishing, rather than learning how to write code for a website, which could take weeks or years, out of their lives.

Which is perfectly reasonable.

There is another way

You could stop worrying about fixing Wix website issues for good. We could take care of the website design and build for you. Instead of a Wix Fix, we can create you a lovely new website. For a no obligation website proposal, call 0800 686 237 or email us via the contact page.

At GeekFree, we can give you control over design; no “free” website builders give you that. If you had a WordPress based website you could own and control all your content.

Design and build package

Our packages include total design and build of your website. We would host your website for you using your domain name and an SSL Certificate. You would have total control of the configuration of the entire site. Wix cannot offer you this.

Best of all, we would use our time to build your website, so you don’t have to use your valuable time. If you’d like to learn more about shifting your website from Wix to WordPress, or to get a no obligation website proposal, call 0800 686 237 or email us via the contact page.

Flexible websites that work

As a drag-and-drop builder, Wix lets you create simple sites. It is a popular choice among do-it-yourselfers, but if you find yourself needing extra features for your website, Wix websites can become costly. If you’re looking for increased flexibility and loads of features, we think a self-hosted WordPress is a much better option.

If you would like more information read on, or simply give us a call.

Free of geek speak

At Geek Free we pride ourselves on using simple, easy to understand language, hence the name of our company. We won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon to try to confuse you.

We’ll take care of the SEO, DNS, Hosting,  E-commerce carts, payment gateways, Https, mobile responsiveness and all the other web stuff. You won’t have to worry about asking the right questions, because you shouldn’t necessarily have to know what questions to ask – your business is your specialty. You can trust us as your web developer to tell you the right answers.

Talk to the Geekfree team

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