Our process

At Geek Free our focus is to design and develop you a website that will meet your needs.
At a minimum this means a site that not only looks great but is also user friendly,
A site that is simple for you to update and that will generate you results.


Prior to commencing any website design we undertake an initial road-mapping session. The purpose behind this conversation is to highlight opportunities in your online market place and for us to better understand your goals and objectives and the form the project should take. It also enables us to establish whether you fit our suitable client profile.

Once we have undertaken our road-mapping session we then go away and do any appropriate research and prepare a written proposal for you. We then meet with the decision makers of your business and outline what design options you have and what functionality is available to you. This way you’ll be making an intelligent and informed decision, which everyone wants to do, right?

Upon the proposal being agreed to we proceed to our five stage web design process, as set out below. This process has been put together so when can smoothly manage your project and achieve the best results based on your budget.

What We Don’t Do

Have endless meetings and stroke each others egos

Spend countless hours on unnecessary documentation

Hide costs

Get off-scope or off-budget without your permission

Deliver cheap or nasty websites

Avoid phone calls and not support you

Expect you to know everything and understand instantly

What We DO DO

Keep an open line of communication throughout the project, and after your site is built

Obtain a clear brief so your site is purpose-built

Tell you about SEO and website conversion

Host your site on one of the world’s most secure servers, and back it up regularly

Give you complete ownership and control of your website


The key behind internet marketing and creating an appropriate online presence is being clear about who your target market is, and how you are going to encourage those people to reach out and do business with you.

We work through a specific questionnaire that enables us to get clarity around what form your web design should take, and how best to communicate your offering. This questionnaire becomes the basis for your project.



At this stage a member of our design and development team will contact you and provide you with a wire frame drawing based on your brief. This will form the basis for the layout of your home page. Our aim is to combine your brand with the appropriate look and feel on the web. We move to stage three when you confirm this wire frame layout.

Another member of our team will contact you about writing content, if you chose this as part of our proposal.


Once the wire frame has been approved and we have your content, we then build your website. We create the design and add appropriate functionality depending your requirements, for example image galleries, a blog, video etc, as per our proposal. At this point we also add your content if you have chosen this. You will have the opportunity to request two rounds of revisions based on the graphics pack you have chosen. Because everyone is a little different, we have structured our proposal to allow you to choose to have more time spent on the various things you prefer to have designed or modified.



Congratulations! Your website is almost ready to deploy. It is now live on a temporary domain name. If you did not request us do it for you, this is the point we show you how to use the website content management system (CMS) to load your content. The WordPress CMS allows you to make basic changes to the website within the CMS areas. We train all our clients to be comfortable managing their own site, including but not limited to adding pages, text, images, links etc.

Any on-page SEO is also carried out at this point to assist with ranking your site well on Google.


Your website has been hosted on a temporary domain during construction, but is only seen by those with the link. After your approval we change your domain settings and point your domain to your new website.

Your new site is now on the world wide web.

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Searching for an Auckland web design company can be a nightmare; with so many options and choices and confusing jargon it can be a really frustrating and time-consuming process.

The last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time and money in a website you’re not happy with and doesn’t generate you more business or achieve your goals.