Geek Free is dedicated to crafting websites that are future proof and aligned with the modern web standards. Therefore, we are preparing to upgrade our servers to PHP version 8.2 which will bring significant enhancements and improvements to our clients online experience.

What is PHP in my WordPress website?

PHP is an underlying server-side scripting language that powers your website like an engine of a vehicle, it handles server processes and generates web pages you see on your browser based on your request sent to the server.

How will this upgrade improve my online presence?

Every new PHP version introduces new security features and boosts to an overall performance. Staying current with security updates is vital to stay ahead of online threats. 
If you run an Ecommerce website, it is crucial that your website’s load times are as low as possible. Slower response times can substantially affect your revenue and customer satisfaction. Slower speeds may also affect your search engine ranking leading to more revenue challenges.

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What issues may arise from upgrading to a new version of PHP?

As of 26 November 2023, the PHP 8.0 is coming to an End of Life (EOL) status, meaning that security and performance updates will no longer be officially supported.
This change may have significant implications on your website’s theme and plugins that have not been upgraded for the newest version of PHP, resulting in potential compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and a risk of reduced website functionality.
Plugins and themes that are no longer supported by the original developer may need to be replaced. If you are a Geek Free customer, our staff will be in touch to provide guidance on the necessary steps and time frame for ensuring a seamless transition.

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What will be the basic procedure and what do I need to do?

We will create a copy of each website and test the newest version of PHP on a separate server. Once the website passes the test, your live site will be upgraded. In the unlikely event that your website encounters critical errors related to unsupported plugins or themes, our Geek Free staff will promptly notify you. Otherwise you do not need to do anything on your end.

Our top priority is to ensure your website is future-proof and aligned with modern web standards. Geek Free is dedicated to your online success and keeping your website presence at its best.