On this page we cover the general ins and outs of how your website design will progress.
We've found that this is the most effective way to help us to build you a high class affordable website.
If there are any questions at anytime, we're not mind readers so please do ask.



We work through a specific design questionnaire that enables us to get clarity on what form your website design will take. We want to know what sites you like and dislike, your colours, page names and more. The more detail we get from you the better the job we can do for you. Of course, we will provide advice and recommendations.

Getting content together and making decisions can be time-consuming. We encourage you to play an active part in your new website development and attend to questions as quickly as possible. We will guide you through the process, but we do need your input.

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Our web design team will create you a wireframe drawing of the home page. This is based on the information provided by you from the completed questionnaire.

Our aim is to combine your brand with the appropriate look and feel on the web. We move to stage three when you approve this homepage wireframe layout. The look and feel of the home page will flow through the rest of the site when that is built.

Another member of our team will contact you about writing content and or on page search engine optimisation if you have chosen this as part of your proposal.


Once the wire frame has been approved and we have all your content we then build your website on a temporary domain name, adding design elements, loading text and images and adding appropriate functionality depending what was agreed on your proposal, like image galleries, a blog, social media buttons etc.

It is important that you provide all your content like photos, prior to stage three as swapping out photos and altering text can consume your revision time unnecessarily. You will have the opportunity to request two rounds of design revisions. The revision time is limited to a total of two hours as standard, though because everyone is a little different in what they want we have structured our proposal to allow you to choose to have more time spent on different things that you want to be designed or modified by paying for additional work in half-hour blocks on top of your initial proposal. If your requests are greater than two hours we will let you know before we proceed so you can make that choice, however, two hours of revisions is normally sufficient in our experience.

Our proposal does exclude what’s called PHP coding unless otherwise stated in your proposal. That means we will alter the site design within the theme framework without doing PHP coding changes. We have an enormous amount of design freedom using the theme, however, if you would like us to make changes to the site that involve doing PHP code, there will be an additional charge for this service and we will advise you before proceeding.

On page search engine optimisation (SEO) is added at this point as well. This is to assist in ranking your site up the top end of Google.

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Congratulations your website is almost ready to deploy. At this stage, we show you how to use the website content management system (CMS) on the pages. The WordPress CMS allows you to make basic changes to the website within the CMS areas and works a little like MS Word. You will be shown how to add pages, text, images, slider, links etc.

Some parts of the site structure are set when built and we don’t provide support to alter this area e.g. menu style. We provide advice on the page CMS but not altering the site structure.


Your website has been hosted on a temporary domain whilst it’s being built but is only seen by those with the link. After your approval, we then change your domain settings and point your domain to your new website.

Congratulations your new website is now on the world wide web!

Send yourself another test contact form email and then share the site link with all your friends and family.

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You can reach out to us, as and when you like, and we’ll set aside time to advise you on how to make the best use of your site, what strategies you should use and how to use them. We encourage you to market, update and add to your website regularly.

Effort has a direct correlation to outcome. The more effort you put in the better the results.