Why is good copywriting so important?

Do not think of your web content as an add-on or an afterthought? Good web copy matters and it is vital for two very important reasons:

  • Google Rankings
    There’s no point in having a great website if no one goes to it. Having invested in, and carefully considered, your website’s design, you want your website to get found on Google, right? Well, a pretty website isn’t going to convince Google of your site’s worth, but good web copy will. Well-written web content with keywords in smart places is a key ingredient to good Google rankings for your website, and it can make the difference between your website’s success and its failure.
  • Engaging Visitors
    Customers don’t care about what your product can do… they care about what it can do for them. Effective web copy is a mix of features and benefits that solve a problem. It is about understanding your audience and crafting content that will be most useful to them.

persausive-web-copyIt’s all about them

Instead of just writing about your company’s features and how professional, honest and experienced you are, you need to talk about the benefits and solutions you can provide. To put it another way, features centre around your experience, but to engage customers you need to centre on their experience; features tell, but benefits sell.

Telling someone what your product can do and telling someone what they can do with your product may sound similar, but they are completely different approaches.

The “So What” test

To translate features into benefits, answer the question, “So what?”.
Let’s look at copywriting and web design as examples.

Product or service: Copywriting
Our copy is optimised for search engines (SEO).
So what?
Your website content will appeal to search engines.
So what?
Get found by customers and avoid exorbitant advertising costs with copy that tops Google searches.

Product or service: Copywriting
We have copywriting plans to suit all budgets.
So what?
Our services are tailored to your needs and budget.
So what?
Whether you are a start-up on a limited budget, or an established business about to embark on a major marketing campaign, we have an effective copywriting solution that will work for your business.

Product or service: Web design
We offer a great web design service.
So what?
Our websites are very professional because we’re qualified, clever and experienced.
So what?
We can create a positive impression for your business.
So what?
Impress potential customers with a professional website that showcases your business in the best possible light. Convert more web visitors into leads and sales.

Effective web copy has to grab people, and to do that it should pass the “so what” test.

Find a solution

Successful web copy for your business needs to connect you with visitors, outline the value they will get from your product or service and provide them with an easy solution to their problems.

  • What’s the advantage of your product or service?
  • What problem are you solving for your visitor?
  • Will your offering save them time, reduce costs or make them more money?
  • Will they become happier, healthier, more relaxed, more productive or cooler?

Benefits give customers a reason to buy your product because they explain how your product or service can solve an issue and improve their lives.

Good web copy saves

Any money you spend on copywriting is an investment, not a cost. Good content will complement your web design and work hard to generate interest, increase inquiries and generally improve your business. Do not underestimate its importance. Web copy matters, and it should never be something that someone at the office cobbles together in a couple of hours. Getting it wrong could be tantamount to online suicide.

Web copy that works

Talk to our team. We’ll find out what it is you would like to achieve and look at ways of presenting your ideas. Then we’ll write keyword rich web copy for you to review and sign off on.

Your web site’s pages won’t be feature-laden, dry, jargonese. We’ll put together powerful words that speak to your customers’ emotions, saving your time, money and brain cells. Poorly crafted messages don’t work, no matter how pretty your new website looks. Got questions? Email us about writing web copy that works.