In this article we explore some top tips for creating SEO friendly and persuasive website copy.

Customer “Buying” Keywords

What you want to do is to use words that people use on Google to conduct a search, who have a commercial intent. These people have a commercial intent to buy something or do business with someone.

As an example whilst “Plumbing” might have a high search volume, plumbing is a topic not a service provider. It would be better to focus on “Plumber” or better still it is better to focus on a type of plumber AND geographic location. As an example “Gas Plumber Auckland”.

Keep in mind that plural and singular words can impact on traffic volume so mix it up. It won’t always be practical to use the exact phrase however you sometimes can get away with… Are you searching on Google for “key phrase” or use “in” e.g. Get a Gas Plumber in Auckland today.”

Top Tips On Copy Writing

  • Website Communication

    Don’t over do it. Key phrases should be limited to 1-3 words per one hundred.

  • With the titles that you include keywords on make sure they make sense.
  • Make it readable. You’re writing for humans.
  • Offer a guarantee or something special.
  • Most people scan when they read so use sub headings often. Include bullet points and keep paragraphs short.
  • Include geographic locations that you service.
  • Include key phrases or keywords in headings i.e. Heading 1 & 2.
  • Limit your paragraphs to four to five lines.
  • Name file names on images using keywords as well as the alt text in the image settings. But keep in mind gallery descriptions as these will need be tailored for a human.
  • Add links, forms and buttons linking to your contact page regularly and add your phone number clickable on mobile throughout the copy.
  • Ask for the sale on every page. “Call us now on 09 ###### to discover more or send us an email about…”
  • With your copy ask questions. Are you…? Have you…? Would you…? Is that…? Wouldn’t it…? Use closed questions – one answer. E.g. “Isn’t quality important to you?”
  • Acknowledge primary concerns then turn them to your advantage.
  • Use Feel, Felt, Found to tackle objections. E.g. “You may feel that price is an important factor in choosing a hot water cylinder and others have felt the same way, yet they found that when they paid a little more for quality upfront it lasted twice as long so it ended up cheaper in the long run.”
  • Use social proof. Use testimonials to support what you say as second parties are more believable.
  • Use embedded commands and current and past tense. E.g. “When would now be the right time to get the window coverings you deserve?” Eliminate past concerns or undermine competition E.g. “Up till now…” “It used to be the case that…”
  • Use “however” instead of “But”.
  • Avoid ALL CAPs within your copy if possible. It’s online yelling.
  • Include call action words. Take advantage of… Get in touch on… Talk to us about… Call now on…
  • Identify and accentuate pain points. Hassle, stress, sleepless, frustrated, pain, concerned. E.g. Now you can avoid the hassle and stress of budget blow outs. No more sleepless nights or being frustrated by poor communication or time over runs. These things are a thing of the past when you deal with XYX Builders – in fact we guarantee it in writing. That’s right, you’ll get….”
  • Write how people talk, as though you are sitting next to the person. Write like you’re talking to a friend. It’s OK to use you’ll, we’ll, they’ll etc because that’s how we talk. But make sure you tailor the copy to the prospective customer.
  • Enter the conversation that is going on in the mind of your prospect. What is important to them? What keeps them up at night and what will have them take action and choose you?

Web Copy That’s Customer Focused – It’s About Them

When writing, use “you” , “you’re” and “your” rather than “we” and “our”.  E.g. “If you’re looking for a licensed builder in Auckland and quality is important to you then get in touch today on 09 ######”.

NOT “We are a licensed builder in Auckland and we build quality, get in touch today on 09 ######.”

If you use “We”, “We’re”, “Our” to often then you are focused on you and not the customer. You must focus on the customer. The customers needs are more important than how wonderful you think you are.

The Difference Between Benefits Vs Features

Be benefit focused NOT feature focused. People buy benefits not features. What’s the benefit of doing business with you? What makes your company, product or service different? Why you?

E.g. “Are you looking for a hassle free home renovation in Auckland? Because we’ve been in the industry for more than three decades you’ll find we have the experience and knowledge you now want to stay on budget and on time.”

Pain – Accentuate – Solve (P.A.S)

Web CopyUse PAS. Start with the Pain point. Accentuate the pain then provide the Solution.

E.g. “With so many different brands of computer monitors it can be difficult to know which one would be right for you. It sometimes seems that there are too many options. Should you go by price, size, style, features? At XYZ Limited we’ve made it simple for you to get the right option.

We’ve eliminated the jungle that is choosing a computer monitor by following a specific process. Want a monitor that is the best option for you and your office? Talk to our friendly team now on 09 ### ### and using our system you’re guaranteed the perfect solution or your money back.”

The NLP Representational System

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is the technique of altering behaviour with language. This can be both body language, written and spoken language. Use the language throughout your copy. Visual (see), Kinesthetic (touch), Auditory (hear) & Auditory Digital (make sense / detail orientated).

Everybody has a preference to way they like to communicate and be communicated with however we are all a mix. In our copy we need to talk in all languages not just the way we prefer ourselves.

Visual People

Look e.g. “Are you looking for…”
See e.g. “Now you can see how…”
View e.g. “View your options here…”

Kinesthetic People

Touch e.g. “Get in touch today…”
Feel e.g. “Is this how you’d like to feel?”
Hold e.g. Get hold of us now on…”

Auditory People

Sound e.g. If you like the sound of that…
Heard e.g. No doubt you’ve heard…
Listen e.g. “Listen to what others say…”

Auditory Digital

Sense e.g. “Do the numbers makes sense”
Logical e.g. “Is this logical”
Specification e.g.”The specifications are correct”

Using What you Now Know – A Copy Writing Example

(Ask a question to illicit a yes answer) Are you concerned about quality? (Build common ground i.e. we’re the same) Most people like you are, and we’re no different. (Acknowledge concern) Whilst price is an important factor in looking for builder in Auckland, you just can’t afford to compromise on quality can you? (Increase pain point) After all there’s nothing more frustrating than shoddy workmanship and budget over runs with the numbers going sky high and you experiencing sleepless nights. I’m sure you’ve heard the other stories.

(Pain point accentuated) Wouldn’t you regret not building your home to a standard that you’d be proud of, a home that will last? (Rep system and question and closed question) Wouldn’t you rather build a home that made you feel great every time you walked in the door?

(Past tense) Up till now you may of found locating the right New Zealand building company an issue. That’s no longer the case. At XYX Builders Ltd we know you want a home designed and built to a level of craftsmanship you’ll be happy with and will last for generations. (If others say it, it’s true. If you say it’s a lie) Of course quality counts, but don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say about us on our testimonial page then reach out to us on 09 ###### for an obligation free consultation.

In Closing

These are just some of many techniques you can now use to improve your website copy. Skillful copy writing takes practice and perfect practice makes perfect, so get out there and do it.