A drag-and-drop builder which lets you easily create simple sites, Wix is a popular choice. The Wix platform has made creating simple, stylish websites possible, without having to break the bank. All you need is time, some graphic design knowledge, so you know what looks great and what doesn’t, and an understanding of SEO so you can make your site found by Google.

Wix makes building a website easy

It certainly does. Wix makes it easy to quickly create a web page and publish it. But there is much more to a website than some pretty pictures. A business website is not a brochure. For your website to make you money, it needs an online presence. Build a good-looking website without ticking all the right boxes, investing time and money to get it right, and you probably just won’t be found.

Wix makes it easy to create a website that you think is great when in fact that might not be the case. If you know about SEO and digital marketing, Wix may be a good solution, but if you don’t, you run the risk of putting up a website which may cost you more in lost revenue than the money you saved by not hiring a professional Wix website designer. Call 0800 686 237.

If it were easy to build a website that works, then there wouldn’t be zillions of blog posts on search engine optimisation – SEO – and web design.

The Wix solution?

That’s easy – US! Your professional Wix web design team is just a click away. All you need to do is tell us what your business needs, then sit back and wait while a Wix website designer does the rest.

If you would like more information read on, or simply give us a call.

We can build you a cost-effective website that will showcase your business beautifully. We will listen, we will ask questions and then we’ll build a quality Wix site that reflects your business brand and personality.

An Auckland web design company comprised of web designers who are expert in graphic design and e-commerce, we’ll build you a fully responsive site that is SEO friendly, fully mobile optimised and most importantly, cost-effective. Using the Wix platform, we can build you all of this at a fraction of the cost of building and coding a custom web site from scratch.

Web Re-Design

Your existing Wix site looking a bit ‘old hat’ and not quite performing as you’d hoped? Never fear. Our skilled Wix web designers will be there to fix, update and revamp your site. We can give your current Wix site a total overhaul for you and fix any issues that may exist.

We can help existing Wix by giving their outdated website a face lift, improving functionality or ensuring your site is fully mobile responsive or optimised with all the right ‘call to action’ buttons in the right places. We can set up the SEO on your Wix site so it gets found by Google.

If you would like some custom code for your Wix site to ensure you have the right kind of colour scheme or branding in place, we can do that. Our web designers are expert at working with web content or design that needs editing or tweaking.

wix website creation

Time for business

You’re busy running your business, so why bother trying to be a website developer when your business depends on your website? I’d reckon you’ve got much better things to do with your time than building a website yourself, which could take days out of your life.

At Geekfree, we can take all this website pain away for you. All you need to do is give us a little of your time for a quick call to discuss your requirements. At GeekFree we pride ourselves on using simple, easy to understand language, hence the name of our company. We do not try to baffle you with technical jargon just so we can feel good. That is not how we roll!

Wix design, building, editing, troubleshooting and management

We offer a range of Wix design, building, editing, troubleshooting and management services at different price points to suit your needs and budget. And best of all, we use our time to build, maintain and care for your website so you do not use your valuable time.

Bespoke website design services

Do you have a Wix website that you’re looking to build, or one that could do with a makeover or a tune up? Our bespoke website design services are tailored to suit the needs of each unique client. No job is too big or too small. We could just redesign the home page for you, or we do a complete site redesign. The choice is yours. We like a good creative challenge, so get in touch with our team now.

Talk to our Geekfree team about your Wix site. Call 0800 686 237.

Free of geek speak

At Geek Free, our Wix website designer won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon to try to confuse you. Promise!

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We’re a team of professional, experienced Auckland web developers, copy writers, and internet marketers who help business owners, like you, achieve big results on the web in an affordable, effective way.