One of the most common questions we’re asked as website developers is, “How much will my website cost?” Strangely however, it’s never this first question that’s hard to answer, it’s the next question: “Why so much?”

Well, to some, $2,000 may seem like a lot of money for a website, but in reality, it’s cheap. Why? Because regardless of whether you pay $5K or $10K, effective, well designed websites that work are cheap at any price.

The cost is not what is important – it’s the value of a website that really makes a difference.

It may be easy to tell yourself that any web presence is better than none, but an ugly, badly performing website isn’t going to help you much in the reputation department. In fact, it could very easily lose you potential customers. According to Business Partner Magazine 70% of Internet users say they will not make purchases from badly designed websites.

Your company’s website is the online storefront of your business and needs to look and perform well.

How much to pay a web designer?

Web design pricing varies wildly, much like the cost of cars or sunglasses. You could ask for prices from 10 different designers and receive 10 hugely varying quotes that range from a one thousand to several thousand. If you want a sensible quote, then call 0800 686 237.

How do you decide what to pay?

Yes, you can get a website for $1,000.00, but no, it won’t be the same quality as a website that costs $5,000.00. It’s like the difference between a push bike and a Range Rover. Both will get you where you need to go, but one is heaps better than the other.

You can of course get a website online for peanuts if you want to. But, as we all should know, nothing is really free. There are costs involved, even if you build the website yourself. You will need to spend time learning how to do it, and there is a cost associated with that. If you’re running your own business, the time spent finding just the right colour or photo for your website could have been used to actually run your business, and you still might not have got it right.

Talk to the Geekfree team about web design pricing. Call 0800 686 237.

Can’t I build my web site myself?

From time to time, business owners come to us to discuss web design pricing, then declare they’re going to design their own sites or write their own web copy to save money. When that happens, we normally see one of four things happen:

  • They waste hours and hours trying to work out what to do, and the resulting web site looks awful.
  • They waste hours and hours trying to work out what to do, then get frustrated and hire someone anyway.
  • They immediately hire a cheap web designer, then end up hiring us to fix what the first web designer botched up.
  • They pay for another design within a year of their DIY job because it wasn’t what they wanted.

You need results

The main reason for getting a professionally designed website is results. If your website is created by an experienced web professional, your website will look better, and it will function better, helping ensure your website achieves its objectives.

Our web designers are providing you their years of expertise. Those benefits will far outweigh the added costs.

The Geek Free team makes websites for a living, so they will be much more likely to have your site finished in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself, and it will probably look much cooler. We can also help you manage your site once it’s launched.

But wait there’s more

Web design is not just about the way your website looks, it is about the ways it incorporates various elements of digital marketing, such as design, SEO and content into a cohesive whole. No matter what you pay for a website, $5, $500 or $5,000,000, without these things your results will be poor.

Combining the right layout, content and functionality together is itself an art and science.


You need a website that ranks on the search engines specifically where your target market is looking and with the keywords they’re using to find a business like yours. No matter how pretty your website is, no matter how good your service or product is, if you aren’t where your prospects are looking, you might as well not have a website.

Web copy

Brand is important but people care more about what you can do for them than who you are. Solid, thoughtful, persuasive content is the foundation of any great website. If you’re launching a new site, good web content needs to be developed. If you have an existing site but the content is weak, stale or outdated, it’ll need to be freshened, enhanced, or even overhauled.

In our experience, and that’s over 10 years, we’ve discovered that the number one obstacle to launching a website for our clients is content development. Our clients struggle with web copy because it’s time-consuming and difficult. Having a modern and stylish website is very important, but it’s your website’s content that does the selling.

Website usability

Your website needs to be user friendly and mobile responsive. If it’s slow to load, and hard to navigate and use, then no matter how much traffic you get coming to your website, visitors will leave in a flash and your efforts will be for nothing.

How much for a website?

The answer to “How much does it cost to build a website?” depends on the size and complexity of your site. They are the two main factors determining how much work will be involved and web design pricing. A good-looking, professional seven-page informational website with standard customisation is going to cost less than a highly customized 50-page site with all the bells and whistles. Talk to us about what you want for your business. Call 0800 686 237.

Hiring a professional web development team

A professionally designed site helps solidify your position as a real, professional business. Your visitors will be more likely to trust you and therefore buy your goods or services.

Building a slick, professional website that generates leads and sales for your business is a lot more difficult and time-consuming than most people realise.

Hiring an experienced web designer / developer from Geek Free Web Design to build or redesign your website will definitely save you time, money and headaches, and I’ll bet the finished product will be better than you could’ve done on your own.

Our developers and copywriter can recommend ideas and help you avoid pitfalls you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

A website that’s worth it

Work with us and you’ll get a modern, professional website you’re proud of. Visitors will have a good experience on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Your web site will accurately represent your company and your brand, and you won’t have had to have spent days or weeks trying to learn how to make that happen.

It’s the same reason I pay dentists, accountants, mechanics and electricians for their expertise. They can get the job done quicker, better and more cheaply than I could.

Talk to our Geekfree team about web design pricing. Call 0800 686 237.

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