Online Lead GenerationUnless you’ve got an e-commerce / shopping cart website, the focus of your website is to generate an enquiry. From that point it is your goal to covert that lead into a sale.

For general local business you don’t want to try and make the sale online, simply to generate the lead.

In order to generate the right type of lead the key is to:

  1. Position your website where your target market are looking i.e. under the best keywords
  2. Build value and credibility
  3. Answer key concerns
  4. Make it easy to contact you

Google Search Position

Having your website come up under specific target keywords will have a better conversion rate than will if your ranking for a very broad term. Let’s say you do computer repair in Auckland. It’s no good spending the money and time to rank on “computers”, you’re better off ranking on “computer repair Auckland”. These keywords are called buying keywords because they have not only the specific search terms but also the location.

Remember that most people look for what they want first and where second.

Build Value

Build the value of your offering by using a USP (Unique Value Proposition) and why you are the preferred supplier of that service. Having testimonials is great. An About Us page is the third most viewed page on most websites, make sure it is good.

Answer Key Concerns

Think about the objections people would have to doing business with you and deal with them. e.g. Are you local? Can you be trusted? Are you quick? etc Define what your customers’ key concerns would be, and explain why this isn’t an issue.

Make it Easy

Display your phone number clearly on all pages. Make the contact page easy to find. Generally make your website easy to use – don’t make your customers think!

One of the best ways to get the answers to the questions you need to ask in order to generate leads online is to use focus groups, or ask people you don’t know well who will be frank and candid with you (or blunt friends). Feedback is good but make sure you act on that feedback – nothing changes until you do.

If you’re not clear about how to improve your website send us an email now and request a website review.