Catchy Headlines70% of a message in web copy is in the headline. Here I’ve compiled some of the best selling headlines of all time. Creating a winning headline can take a lot of experience and testing, so it’s always nice to have a short cut.

By adapting headlines that have previuosly been successful you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Here’s an example of how that works…

Original headline: What’s Your Best Chance To Make Money In Real Estate Today? The Answer Below May Surprise You.

New headline: What’s Your Best Way To Loose Weight After Pregnancy? The Answer Below May Surprise You.

Here are some of the best headlines ever written…

  • How To Get $473,500 Out Of A $400,000 House
  • Lost For Words? Push The Buttons And Voila!
  • Want To Loose Weight?
  • The Secret Of Sticking To Your Diet
  • If You Can Lick A Stamp – You Can Lick Your Weight Problem
  • How To Double Your Income In Just 60 Days
  • Are You An Over Educated Under Achiever?
  • How To Have A Cool Quiet Bedroom. Even On Hot Summer Nights
  • To Men Who Want To Quit Work Someday
  • The Truth About Getting Rich
  • Alive With Pleasure
  • The AmazingLost Money Secret Of The U.S. Government
  • How To Improve Your Memory
  • How The Way You Undress Reveals Your Personality
  • Where You Can Go In A Good Used Car
  • The Secret Of Perfect Putting
  • The Death Now Hear Wispers
  • New! Your Child Is The Star Of This Brand New Sesame Street Storybook!
  • Good News For Franchise Owners: Here’s How To Get Hundreds Of Qualified Leads At Half The Cost
  • The Book On Who Owns Whom
  •  Brighten Your Dark Rooms In Less Than 1 Hour
  • Are You Ready To Use Self-Hypnotism To Make Life Give You What You Want?
  • Today…Add $10,000 To Your Estate – For The Price Of A New Hat
  • Who Else Wants A Screen Star Figure?
  • How To Pay Zero Taxes!
  • How Your Horoscope Can Bring You Wealth, Love, Success and Happiness
  • How To Write A Good Advertisement
  • Confessions Of A Disbarred Lawyer
  • The Child Who Won The Hearts Of All
  • How To Write A Business Letter