Do you run an eCommerce site and wish there was a proven, affordable way to automate things? Are you over typing each sale into your accounting software? Do you want to minimise the boring stuff like data entry so you can focus on growing your business, or working on your next business idea? The GeekFree team can help you get rid of some of those repetitive aspects of your business.

xero accounting woocommerceStreamlined accounting makes cents

A good accounting system makes good business sense, no matter how big or small your company is. It will allow you to stay on top of revenue and expenses, set business goals and make sound decisions. Whether your business is brand new or an established, successful company, you can’t compare, measure or predict trends, profits, or performance without having the latest information.

But wrestling with spreadsheets, record keeping, inventory tracking, and transferring sales data to an accounts programme can be a time-consuming chore.

With Xero integration, that chore can be a thing of the past. Instead of spending time sorting out sales from your Woocommerce website, you can install the Xero plug-in, one of the most popular accounting software programs in the world to make the administration side of your business much easier.

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Connecting your WooCommerce site with Xero can save a lot of time and effort and you’ll also save in accounting expenses.

The Xero plugin for Woocommerce

WooCommerce and Xero integration can assist in more ways than just keeping accurate financial information. You get the tools to have an overview of your business’ cash flow and manage specific purchasing-related tasks while automating other responsibilities and taking the burden off you.

What an integrated accountancy package can do for you

xero integration with woocommerceWooCommerce and Xero bring together their products to create an integrated solution to help manage an online store and accept payments.

Xero handles accounting functions such as cash management, inventory tracking and billing, point of sale (POS), financial reporting, payroll, bank reconciliation, and automated invoice creation, thereby automating your workflow.

The integration between Xero and WooCommerce removes the tedious tasks of manual data entry and duplicating entries in different places. It can also reduce errors which occur with manual data entry, which helps to keep records for the running of your business and taxation requirements more accurate.

You can streamline accounting tasks, which means less time squabbling with Excel spreadsheets and more time doing what you do best: helping your business thrive and grow.

Stuff WooCommerce and Xero do together

Set up workflows to suit your business. For example, when an order is placed on your website, it can then be immediately copied to your Xero account as an approved invoice with billing details such as customer’s name and contact, shipping details, product details and quantity ordered, shipping costs, discounts, and tax codes etc. The invoice can then be emailed to the customer. You can also integrate Xero with your online payment options like PayPal, or Stripe so accurate sales data is fed directly to your accounting programme.

Having WooCommerce and Xero linked means your stock figures are always up-to-date and accurate. As orders are completed online, your inventory in Xero is also updated, or when stock levels are updated in Xero, stock levels in your WooCommerce site are also automatically updated.

Need sales analysis on who is buying which products? You can have sales by geography and product categories tracked and reported so you have the information. Call 0800 686 237 or email us via the contact page if you think Xero integration with Woocommerce will make your business life easier.

What are the benefits of Xero WooCommerce integration?

Feeling overwhelming and tired of wrestling with spreadsheets, record keeping and inventory tracking? You’re probably spending too much of your valuable time on bookkeeping if you don’t already have an effective accounting solution connected to your WooCommerce site. Designed to help busy people, WooCommerce and Xero together can help to improve efficiencies within your organisation while taking human error out of the equation.

Connect Xero to Woocommerce

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How to streamline your business?

Simply talk to our team. We can set up your clever accounting dashboard in your online website so the Xero accounting system will perfectly integrate into your WordPress site. The dashboard in the WooCommerce Xero integration plugin means you and your team can have real-time insight into the performance of your online store.

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