More than just a pretty picture

At Geek Free Web Design, we’d be the first to tell you there’s much much more to a successful website than just pretty design. However, in saying that, our team really does make some very pretty websites. With more years in the industry than they would care to admit, our ‘creatives’ truly know how to design websites that look great. But, much more importantly, they understand the principles of designing websites that produce results.

Look at the big picture

In my, not so humble, opinion, too many web design companies allow small businesses, and some big ones, to spend too much time, energy and money on sites with pretty pictures, without considering the big picture: attracting and converting both new and old customers.

To be found by potential clients, and to then convince them to hang around and give you some money, website designers need to make sure that they are designing for results. For that to happen, websites need content. Goggle SEO, and time and time again you’ll read the phrase ’content is king’ and that is because it’s true.

Adding to the picture

For your website to work you do indeed need some very pretty pictures. But you need these images to be placed in a well-constructed, mobile-responsive, secure website by an experienced web designer with a creative edge. This design also needs to be augmented by well-written content that is keyword rich and has been optimised to be found by search engines: exactly what we do at Geek Free.

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WordPress website examples

A picture tells 1,000 words, and in our case, more like a million. We’ve been creating websites for small- and medium-size businesses across North Auckland for over 10 years. During this time, we have made websites for such diverse business as …..

medical gas suppliers, clairvoyants, bakers, lawyers, wineries, engineers, online dating experts, doctors, real estate agents, dentists, optometrists, electricians, tour guides, engravers, lavender farms, travel agents, debt collectors, driving schools, gardeners, accountants, builders, gas fitters, plumbers, joiners, digger drivers, hairdressers, sticky label makers, beauty therapists, furniture movers, landscapers, concrete layers, business mentors, proof readers, property managers, home stylists, milkshake sellers, marriage celebrants, B&Bs, dog trainers, appearance medicine practitioners, boarding kennels, vets, personal trainers, strawberry farms, cafes, restaurants, clothing boutiques, carpet cleaners, building inspectors, embroiders, taxi companies, motorbike shops, health food sellers, security companies, counsellors, MPs, wallpaper hangers, IT companies, painters, surfboard makers ….

Goodness me, the list just goes on. Anyhow, you get the picture, we know what we’re doing. We’re a team of professional, experienced Auckland web developers, copy writers, and internet marketers who help business owners, like you, achieve big results on the web in an affordable, effective way through effective WordPress websites.

Results-oriented web design

There are a number of web page design principles that are absolutely crucial if you want a web site that works. So, let’s take a look at some effective WordPress website examples.

Auckland wallpaper hanger
effective web designer
Warkworth Taxi company
effective wordpress web designs
Auckland earthmovers
effective wordpress web examples
Auckland heating specialists
effective website designs
Auckland Gas fitters
effective wordpress web design examples
Tea for charity
principles of effective wordpress web design
North Auckland clairvoyant
effective wordpress web design
Auckland security company

WordPress website examples

That was just a very small snapshot of some of our effective web design examples. Rather than show you loads of different sites, we’ve chosen to load just a random few, because your site will be different and designed by us to suit your business and your brand. Talk to our Geek Free team by calling 0800 686 237 and we’ll make sure your site is built for the job.