Google Mappress PluginThe WordPress plugin “MapPress” is a handy tool for the average WordPress user. The basic functions of “MapPress” are to add an interactive map to the WordPress editing screens. When editing a post or page, just enter any addresses you’d like to the map. The plugin will be even going further as to automatically inserting a great-looking interactive map into your blog. Afterwards, your readers can get intuitive directions right in your blog with convenience. You can even create custom HTML for the map makers which can include a number of elements such as pictures, links and more!

There are many benefits for getting this plugin, and it also comes with many different features depending on which version you choose to get. These functions include create maps directly in standard post/page edit screens, driving, walking and biking directions, street view and inset maps, the latest Google API v3.0, real-time traffic, shortcodes and template tags, and much more. These functions are only the tip of the iceberg as well. With MapPress Pro, you can get many other features that could enhance your experience with using MapPress and WordPress.

Free Google Map Plugin

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that this is also a free plugin for public downloads! You only need to pay more if you want to go to MapPress Pro, but for the average user, the lite version is more than enough to do the functions and tasks you desire.

Moving on, there are some potential drawbacks from using this plugin. One obvious drawback about using this plugin is that like all other plugins on WordPress, it has the potential to crash your website/blog that you have running. At times, all the data could be lost and it would be impossible to get the data back. To avoid this from happening, always remember to back up your files before using any plugins. This way, there is a failsafe in case something goes wrong when implementing the plugin to your WordPress website.

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