Subscriptions for everything online

Subscriptions can be used for any product type: physical, downloadable or virtual. Most online tools, platforms, and software support we buy are provided as subscription or membership plans. Subscriptions can also be used for services, such as memberships for classes, gyms etc., as well as products like books and magazines, online TV, music, telephone plans, tea, coffee, food boxes, soap, or health supplements.

Once upon a time, creating subscriptions-based websites took ages, and it was super-complex. Then along came the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. This software is designed so you can seamlessly sell your products and services via subscriptions and your visitors can effortlessly make recurring payments.

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a customisable WordPress plugin that integrates with your eCommerce website to give you all the benefits of a recurring payments model without the complexities that used to come with implementing and managing them. Instead of dealing with all those dramas, you can now get on and manage your business while your subscription products just grow.

Woocommerce Subscriptions is versatile

The more flexibility the product offers the better. With WooCommerce Subscriptions there is absolutely no need to limit subscription plans to the periodic delivery of a physical product or the yearly license update of a software product. This clever plugin lets you offer a combination of ‘normal products’ and subscription products on your online store and manage them easily and efficiently. It can even do your stock management.

Basically, we love this WordPress plugin because you can create the product of your choice and offer the subscription plans you want. The possibilities of what kind of subscription you create with WooCommerce Subscriptions is virtually unlimited.

Talk to our Geekfree team about adding subscriptions to your business’ Woocommerce website.

Why WooCommerce Subscriptions?

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin lets you be really creative with your offerings. You can create multiple subscriptions for products (physical and downloadable) and services. WooCommerce Subscriptions lets you create weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions, set up subscription expiry dates, offer trial periods, bundles, discounts, send reminders and target specific subscriber groups. It is premium, tested and used widely. At Geek Free Web Design we think it provides the perfect solution for offering different types of subscription-based products or services and collecting recurring payments.

WooCommerce Subscriptions is feature rich

Subscription based products can be simple or more complicated. For simple subscriptions, you just need to add the products, subscription price, duration and the cycle time and you’re ready to go. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, annually: the choice is yours.

The process of adding variable products is just a little different but the plugin dashboard is pretty intuitive, so you can specify different subscription prices and particulars like discounts, free trials, shipping, tax and duration, for example, from the plugin menu easily. You can create a subscription that you know your customer will love, with all sorts of product types and delivery plans. It also lets you create more customer-friendly subscription-based product bundles. Talk to our GeekFree team about WooCommerce Subscriptions for your ecommerce site.

The whole concept of subscription is about selling a service or product on a recurring basis. With WooCommerce Subscriptions you can decide if you want to system to automatically charge for each renewal or you just send reminders to subscribers so they can pay subscription plugin wordpress

For any subscription, customers can manage their plan from their account page without any involvement from you. They can cancel a subscription, switch between different plans or perform other account management tasks from their user dashboard. You can include the option to pause a subscription, so that customers can go on holiday and then return and re-activate it.

WooCommerce Subscriptions has enough features to cater to the most common customer payment scenarios. And should you need to, you can step in and help customers. Being able to intervene manually at the individual subscription level means you can feel confident about dealing with customer issues.


A payment gateway is an external application that processes credit card payments. Several payment gateways offer subscription payments and for your customers to pay for your products or services securely, choosing the right one is crucial. WooCommerce Subscriptions supports more than 30 payment gateway options, including the more popular ones such as Paypal, Stripe. With such a range of online payment options, you should be able to cater for all your customers, wherever they may be located in the world. Talk to our GeekFree team by calling 0800 686 237 and we’ll make sure your site is good to go.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Subscriptions give you a regular income and a firm grip on your business growth. WooCommerce Subscriptions has a great variety of options to help you run your online business successfully. 

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