How to Sell More With Woocommerce

WooCommerce powers over 30% of all Internet stores. Are you launching a WooCommerce online store or wanting to increase your Internet sales? We think the art to selling successfully online comes down to product, imagery, site design, good shop navigation, credibility and work.

First impressions are everything, and when it comes to selling online, first impressions rely on good web design. Fortunately, as a Woocommerce developer businesses have been coming to us for help with their online businesses for many years, our team can certainly help you with site design, navigation and getting you found on the Internet.

eCommerce salesEffective eCommerce

Shopping with you needs to be an easy and pleasant experience. We’ll work with you to create a simple, clean and professional look. Navigation will be simple. Your site will be fast. Potential clients won’t get bored or lost and then wander off to competitor sites.

Put obstacles in customers’ way or make them think, and they will leave. Good Woocomerce design is about streamlining the purchasing process; eliminating barriers to entry and removing any customer doubt. We’re good at that. We make buying quick and easy.

Looks are everything

The quality of pictures and content on your website is paramount. You could have a fantastic product but if the pictures are terrible and the copy doesn’t cut it, then your products probably won’t sell. Potential customers should be able to ‘experience’ your product online. We’ll help bring your products to life. We’ll put you in touch with our professional photographer. We can also provide the web copy.

Selling online

Starting to sell products online is just like starting any other business, it involves work. First, you need to get visitors to your site and then you absolutely must provide outstanding service.

You will need to invest a considerable amount of time and energy in promoting yourself. Writing relevant articles or posts on your site regularly is a must. Change content often, talk about new products, post news that your customers would be interested in. Create interest and credibility and send customers to your site from Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest by regularly posting eye-catching images and well-written descriptors.

Feedback works

Third-party bragging is extremely effective and customers actively seek reviews out. Get other people to review your products on their websites. Allow your customers to leave reviews about your products and services. Encourage your customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with feedback about your service or product.

People are more likely to buy your product if they see that others are recommending it and have had a positive experience. Send follow up emails to your customers to gather direct feedback and post their testimonials on your site.

Happy customers

Before people purchase from a website, they are looking for reassurance. Provide them with that reassurance. Offer a guarantee that if they are not satisfied, you will refund them no questions asked.

Your Woocommerce site is valuable

Look after your site. We are professional Woocommerce developers NZ businesses trust with their sales tools. We know how to take care of websites. Your data is valuable. Those hours of blog posts, carefully crafted product descriptions and database of customers and orders are a key business asset. We’ll be here to make sure none of that is lost. Ever. As part of our on-going support we’ll be able to supply appropriate hosting to keep your site fast, backed up and secure.

We will also be able to provide the support services to ensure your site is kept up to date with software updates, and of course provide the technical support when you need it.

If you’re looking for an effective sales tool and a Woocommerce developer in NZ that you can rely on then call 0800 686 237 or email us via the contact page. Your small business will be well on its way to rewarding online sales, happy customers and profits.