Variation Colour SwatchesWhen selling variable products with WooCommerce, the usual thing a shopper sees is a drop down tab. While these tabs are an effective way of allowing the customer to see and choose the product variable they wish to purchase, they are not very visually appealing. Luckily there is a WooCommerce Colour and Image Swatches plugin called “Variation Swatches and Photos” to help make the shopping experience more user friendly.

Available from WooThemes with an annual cost of US$99, this plugin will provide your customers with a much nicer way of viewing information and choosing products on your WordPress website.

Display Colour Options

With the ability to click on a picker to choose between the kinds of variations that your products have, customers will be able to see and use a much more polished and clean webpage. Suitable for variations such as size, colour and image, this plugin could give you the competitive edge if you want to make your product variations look better than those of your competitor.

Once installed, this plugin is easily accessed through your admin panel and you will have the opportunity to select specific attributes for your product variations, as well as choosing between using colour or image swatches.

About this plugin: