SEO in AucklandAccording to a number of online sources 571 websites are created every minute. That’s over 34,000 websites every hour! If your website hasn’t performed well before and it’s just been rebuilt or it’s new online then you’re the new kid on the block with little to no trust built up with Google.

Google also de-indexes thousands of sites an hour as people cease business or the need for that website.

It Won’t Happen Over Night But it Will Happen

Your website won’t necessarily immediately show up on Google and can sometimes take a while to index properly. So the question becomes “How can you speed it up?”

There are many things that can be done to help index your site and improve your sites performance on the search engines.

Share The Love

Share your full website link (domain name) on social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Ask your friends to share that post and to check out the site themselves. Having your friends check things over is also a good idea as sometimes they’ll see typos you missed.

Add your website details to online directories. There are dozens of these and they’re a great way to get traffic as well. Many are free.

Creating articles on other websites that link to your website will also help.

Blogging & Content Creation

Using a website blog is a great way to create ongoing fresh, topical content on your website. It shows not only prospective customers that you’re active which improves credibility, but also is a metric Google uses to rank websites.

The more often you create blog posts the better and the more you share that content the better.

You don’t have to only write content. Creating videos is another great way to differentiate yourself. Web videos don’t have to be super slick either. Short, punchy and raw videos out perform slick ones in viewership.

If you don’t have or want to use a blog you can also create additional content pages. With the content management system this is simple to do.

Building a website is just the beginning. Effort has a direct correlation to outcome. The more effort you put in the better the ongoing result.

The secret to SEO is very simple. Create great content that people will watch or read then share.