You’re in business: you’re there to get more bookings, make the most of your time, have greater control over your schedule and better meet client expectations. But where to get a website booking calendar that works, and is easy to use? The WooCommerce Bookings tool is your answer.

For any consumer-oriented organisation, having an effective way for customers to book your services online will help build your business. Offering customers the choice of booking an appointment, session or a room, or at the very least see your availability, directly from your site is what customers expect. Where to get a booking calendar? Bookings is a powerful extension from WooCommerce that allows you to sell time or date-based bookings.

This WooCommerce plugin comes loaded with features and flexibility and has become invaluable for tutors, coaches, hairdressers, consultants, gardeners, tradespeople, beauticians, cleaners, trainers, accommodation providers, tour operators, spas … the list goes on.

Improve customer service and get repeat business through an easy-to-use, attractive booking system. Customers who are sent to another site to make a booking may never return. Customers can easily be put off by complex, ineffective booking systems, or the need to spend time making appointments by phone. WooCommerce Bookings is a solid calendar for online appointments and bookings that will take your business to the next level.

WooCommerce Bookings offers choice.

WooCommerce Bookings: How Does It Help Me?

No more double bookings. No more being tied to the telephone. No more unexpected, last minute bookings. WooCommerce Bookings allows you to sell time or date-based bookings. You’ll be able to better utilise your time and have complete control over your schedule; WooCommerce Bookings comes with a pre-approval option, should you want to use it. You can set the app so that bookings require confirmation from you.

As a business manager, you will be able to easily define settings like booking availability slots and define the bookable time by hours, if you’re a hairdresser, or days, weeks or months if you offer holiday accommodation.

This booking system lets you define the maximum number of bookings in a slot. If you only have availability for 6 dogs at your dog day stay, for example, you can set that.

You can set the price per booking slot.

You may choose to let customers cancel a booking, and you can offer gift vouchers.

You can also offer discounts for group bookings, repeat bookings or booking over extended periods.

Going away? You can block out days, hours or weeks when you, or your accommodation, are unavailable.

WooCommerce Bookings: How Does It Help My Customers?

WooCommerce Bookings allows customers to reserve their spot, or their stay, without ever having to leave your website, make a phone call, or walk into your shop. Your site’s bookings and availability appear in a visually appealing calendar or easy-to-read list format.

Your customers won’t get confused or tied up in knots and leave your site. The calendars are customer friendly. Your customers will be able to see all the booking and pricing options and can then select as suits them.

Next, your customer gets an email regarding their booking confirmation as well as a later reminder email.

A Reservations Tool That  Works

Want to know where to get a booking calendar for your site that you can use, your customers can use and looks good? WooCommerce Bookings. We see this online booking calendar as a must-have for any business selling services, time or accommodation. It ticks all the boxes and is the only solution you need to take reservations from your website.

If you’d like to learn more about WooCommerce plugins, like WooCommerce Bookings, and to obtain a no-obligation website proposal, call 0800 686 237 or email us via the contact page. We’ll work with you to take your business to the next level.

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