Sometime there can be confusion as to the difference between a template, customised theme and a bespoke site so here is a basic explanation.

Template WebsitesTemplate Website

When most people think of a template they think they’re getting a standard simple website however in reality a template is simply a website that has been built before and has specific functionality to allow normally, minor tweaks. The disadvantage of templates is they often aren’t future proofed and if you do want modifications it can be exceptionally expensive if not impossible.

Customised Theme

Similar to a template but allowing the designer and developer to create something unique and different. Due to the way the framework is built a lot of modifications can be made, however there are other things that fall outside of the themes capabilities and therefore require custom development. Custom development can take a lot more time and normally additional cost. For most business owners a customised theme is the best option on the WordPress framework as they get something that suits their business without it looking cheap or having to pay high ticket prices.

Bespoke Website

This is where a disproportionate amount of the website is built from scratch. It involves a lot more design time and development time and therefore is significantly more expensive. A website like this is normally undertaken when a business owner wants something totally out of the box and wants specific functionality as part of the website build.

Affordable Web Design NZWhat’s the Best website Option?

9 out of 10 of our clients go with a customised theme as this gives them the flexibility in design without the high price tag. It’s an affordable web design option without their website looking like their neighbours.