Word Press Page BuildersCanvas Page Builder, VelocityPage and Visual Composer are all page builder plugins for WordPress websites. All these plugins boast that they allow users to create amazing pages for their website without the need to understand or use any coding, through the use of drag and drop elements.

Aimed at helping non-technical users create visually appealing webpages, these drop and drag plugins are also being promoted as helping web developers create sites faster and provide their clients with a more user friendly system.

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Compatible with the majority of WordPress themes, these drag and drop plugins all require the user to purchase and install it via their dashboard. However be forewarned that Canvas Page Builder built by Pootle Press has been specifically designed to work with the Canvas WordPress theme by WooThemes.

Visual Composer vs VelocityPage

Both Visual Composer by WP Bakery and VelocityPage allow front user editing, which lets you see what you are creating in real time and saves time and frustration by going from editing to preview pages. Canvas Page Builder uses widgets when editing and requires the user to work at the back-end to place the widgets and content.

All of these page builders do not limit users to using one of their pre-made templates, though Visual Composer does provide ready-made templates available for use as does Velocity Page. However they all offer users the opportunity to create webpages quickly to speed up the design process, which saves money and gets the website launched quickly.

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