Multiple Marketing PillarsYou can’t sell a secret. You’ve probably heard me say that before. If people don’t know about you then odds are no matter how wonderful your product or service is, sooner or later you’ll go bust because of lack of clients.

Marketing, or at least successful marketing involves creating “pillars”. Pillars are columns and create stability in a building. Pillars are just like a buildings foundation.

We all know that a poor foundation leads to a building falling over.

A business needs to have multiple marketing pillars. The more pillars, the more stability. Without these pillars a business is open to attack from their competitors, and they are at risk because should one or two forms of marketing dry up, then so does their business.

A key factor in achieving success with your marketing is to incorporate your marketing efforts. That is to say, for example run a newspaper ad that drives people to your website for a free report, free test product etc. When you’re running a radio commercial mention your website so people can go there and learn more about your business. Mention your website on your business card and give them a reason to join your email data base.

There are lots of ways you can integrate your online and offline efforts so that each supports the other. One of the great things about integrating your online and offline marketing, is that you can better qualify a prospect. A prospect who knows what you do, how you do it and how you can help them achieve their goal is more likely to do business with you. A well designed marketing campaign can eliminate tyre kickers and provide you with a higher caliber client.