Website PlanEvery now and then I get somebody contacting about our web design company services. I’m asked “How much for a website?” and “Do I need a website, anyway?”

The simplest way to answer that questions (and yes of course I’m biased) is, “How many people are online looking for services within your industry?”

A quick check of some online tools will help us determine what volume of people are online searching for your product or service.

Another question I get is “Why should I use you?”, and that’s a fair question. I’ll answer that by giving you reasons why you should USE OTHER web design companies, and not us…

  • You don’t care what your website looks like
  • You never want to update your website, like changing contact details and staff
  • You don’t care if people can’t find your website on Google under target keyword searches
  • You don’t care if it brings you in any business inquiries
  • You don’t mind if there’s no support and the website goes off line every now and then
  • You’re not prepared to offer any input about the type of look and feel you want, nor the type of customer you want to attract
  • Testimonials from past happy clients who get business from their websites mean nothing to you

If any or all of these things ARE important to you we can help. If they’re not, then any web designer or wannabe web designer can help you get online 😉