Google MapsUnless you’ve been Sleeping Beauty and have been under a spell for the last year, you would have noticed that Google Maps or Google Places as it is really known, now dominates the search listings.

Why is this important? Well everybody knows the higher your Google rankings the better the opportunity of attracting prospects online.

The problem is that your competition may have one over on you – their listing may be above yours, or yours not there at all.

The great thing about a Google Maps listing is that there’s instant credibility, and you can dominate that area at a fraction of the cost of normal website SEO.

But how?

There are three main factors that effect your ranking with Google Maps / Google Places.

  1. The number of citations (mentions elsewhere on the web)
  2. The number of reviews
  3. The amount of content on your listing

It is likely that your competition is beating you because they have more info in any of these three areas. They are taking your business because your prospect finds them first.

If you’re a business owner and want a high ranking listing, even in a different town, we have a system that does this. Talk to us about how we can get you a high Google Maps listing now.