UpdateWordPress has been updated to 4.0 and while the developers have said it is just another number, 4.0 looks to have some great new updates which will improve the user experience.

WordPress 4.0 has been nicknamed ‘Benny’ after American jazz clarinettist and bandleader Benny Goodman. While it is not a major upgrade with many noticeable features, there are four new updates which will certainly improve the user experience.

New features of WordPress 4.0

  1. Including a video on your page is now easier as it will automatically embed itself. You just copy and paste the URL from YouTube and it will embed itself. This will also work with links from Twitter, CollegeHumor and talks from TED. Best of all, you will be able to see what your video or Tweet looks like from the editor, rather than having to publish content first.
  2. Editing and writing content directly onto a page has been made more user friendly, with the editing tool bar following you as you scroll or type down the page. No more needing to scroll to the top in order to do a spell check or insert a link! The publishing options at the right hand side also scroll down with you too.
  3. Finding a new plugin is now a nicer visual experience. Rather than seeing a list of plugin names with a short blurb when undertaking a search, you will see a grid format which is clearer to read and more visually appealing with the introduction of colour. The search function has also been improved, meaning it is now also easier to find the right plugin to meet your requirements. With reviews also directly built in, you no longer need to click out of your dashboard to see what others think about a specific plugin.
  4. The new media features mean that browsing and editing your loaded images is now easier. Images are displayed in a screen wide grid format, making finding what you are looking for much easier. Unfortunately folders have not yet been introduced to help sort and organise media, but instead you can now scroll through and edit your media pieces one by one.

To download your own version of WordPress 4.0, visit their download page (http://wordpress.org/download/)