Facebook MarketingFacebook is a “free” avenue many businesses are using to sell and advertise their products and services. Many online and offline businesses have chosen simply to use Facebook as their only online presence. But are they making a huge mistake?

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook businesses need a website.

  1. Facebook owns your page, not you. You cannot sell it and as it is a third party site, they have control over how you conduct your business on it. You are required to follow their terms of service or risk your account being deleted. With a website you are in control, you can decide what to post and how to behave.
  2. Facebook looks like Facebook. You have limited ability to make your business page unique, other than your Timeline Cover, App icons and your business logo. With a website you can choose your own colours, text style, size, number of pages and create something that fully represents your brand.
  3. Facebook sell ads, not you. Facebook is there to make money out of selling advertisements to businesses. You cannot sell any space on your page for ads that generate income. With a website you control the layout and design, so if you want to sell ad space for income, you can.
  4. Facebook tells everyone everything. Your business page has a Likes tally, showing the world (depending on your privacy settings), how many people like your page, how many visitors you get, who interacts with your page and people can quickly compare you to your competition. While website comparisons happen too, the public does not have access to statistics such as page views, unique visitors and how many people like you.
  5. Competitions on Facebook are governed by their rules. Their rules and regulations are constantly changing and if you are unable to keep up with them, you run the risk of your page being deactivated. Facebook competitions also keep entrants on Facebook, so there is no opportunity to sell or promote the products or services on your website. Website competitions are totally controlled by you and can generate a lot of traffic to your site, potentially earning sales and promoting your site.

Facebook is in the business to make money and while your business page is free to set up and maintain, without paying for advertising your audience reach is low, compared with a well SEO optimised and developed WordPress website.