Direct Response AdvertisingI should be upset but I’m not. Why? Well, it’s to be expected. You see it sounds better and it’s easier to focus on the “brand’ than on direct response advertising.

“Make the logo bigger”

If I had a buck for every time someone asked me to do that.. well, LOL
Nobody really cares about your logo but you. I know it’s hard to take, but really most people couldn’t care less. They only care what you can do for them. You don’t buy a burger from McD’s because of the golden M – do you? No, you buy because they’re quick and cheap and no matter where you buy they’re always pretty much the same.

I just wish people would focus more on the offer than the brand. Creating a direct response website is the key and here’s why:

  1. It gives the prospect a chance to learn about what you do without risk.
  2. There’s no obligation or need for a prospect to make direct contact.
  3. You build credibility by educating the prospect.
  4. You differentiate yourself from everybody else who has a brochure website.

A direct response website is a website that gives something of high perceived value for free and is normally “education based”. This gives you the seller the ability to educate your prospect. To sift and sort through the tyre kickers, and have people who are predisposed to doing business with you then make contact.

By informing and educating your prospect you have a system do most of the hard work. You don’t have to do the donkey work.

This also gives you the ability to obtain details of the person making an inquiry automatically via an email form and to follow up if you want.

The problem is that this does take a bit more work up front. But it’s worth it because once it’s in place it will work 24/7 without you.

Many other companies have websites that say “We’re the best” “Call us we have great service” “We have lots of experience”. Unfortunately that’s nothing unique! And that’s about you, not about your customer. Does the customer care if you’ve been in business 10 years, or do they care that you’ll be on time or it’s free? Your customer only cares about what you can do for them!

If you want to get more quality prospects coming through the door, use direct response advertising on your website and do something unique.