WP Engine ReviewWP Engine is a hosting platform for WordPress websites. Here at Geek Free Web Design, we have switched to WP Engine to host both our own and our clients websites. Why? Because they are the best at what they do.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Features

WP Engine has four main features that we believe are vital in a website host. They are:

  1. Speed Websites need to be fast to attract and keep visitors. Every microsecond counts when page loading and search engines such as Google, will use website speed as a marker when ranking websites in their search results. Sites with faster loading times will rank higher in organic search results, meaning more exposure and more visitors. Websites hosted by WP Engine extremely quickly thanks to their built in EverCache technology.
  2. Safety WP Engines are a secure webhost. They will automatically scan for and fix any hacking attempts on your website for free. They will also provide a one click back-up and restore option for every WordPress site they host. WP Engines will also automatically install any WordPress security updates, ensuring your website is secure at all times.
  3. Scalability Traffic surges happen to websites sometimes and some webhosts are unable to cope with the amount of page requests they get. Consequently they take your website offline. WP Engine uses its EverCache technology to manage traffic spikes, ensuring the server hosting your site does not go down, nor is page loading time effected.
  4. Support We all need help from experts and the team at WP Engine are the experts in hosting WordPress websites. Their team is available 24/7 for any queries we might have and will support us if needed.

We know that speed, safety, scalability and support are critical services for websites, so we are pleased to now offer our clients the opportunity to host their website with WP Engine, just like us.

Check them out yourself at… WP Engine.