It’s a marketing jungle out there

You’ve got demands for your marketing coin coming at you from all directions: Instagram, Facebook, blogs, your website, directory listings, Google Ads, television, newspapers, radio … the list goes on.

But how do you really know which marketing channel actually works for your business? Which marketing activity gives your business the best ROI – Return On Investment. (Or as most people actually refer to it, ‘bang for your buck”.) Do Facebook posts actually result in phone calls for your business?

Calls are the new clicks

You may think your website is only working if you get email inquiries, but no. Personal engagement is back in. People are talking again. They’re using the phones – to speak.

That’s wonderful, but how do you really know if people rang your company because they saw your Facebook post, their Aunt Mary told them to because she heard your ad on the radio, they saw you ad on the back of a bus, or they saw your website on Google? Want to talk to the GeekFree team? Just call 0800 686 237

Call tracking is a hugely valuable piece of the marketing ROI and one that is largely underutilised.

We all say we’re going to ask clients when they ring where they saw our company and then make a note of it, but I bet that most of us, like me, actually forget to do that until after the caller has hung up.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking in its simplest form is the ability to trace phone calls back to the relevant advertising channel that prompted each person who called you, without having to ask. In an increasingly competitive environment, the focus on marketing campaign optimisation and has never been more valuable, yet we don’t tend to use call tracking as much as we could.

Talk to our Geekfree team about getting AVANSER call tracking happening at your business.

How does call tracking with AVANSER work?

It’s very clever, that’s how it works. Special tracking code embedded on your website changes the phone number displayed depending on where your visitor has come from. These cunning Dynamic Tracking Numbers change the number on your website to the number from your online ad.


Basically, if I click on a Google ad for “Dave’s Gas Fitting”  the number I see might be 09 234276898 (even though that’s not his actual number) then when I go to the website the number I see is also 09 234276898. I think Dave sounds like a mighty good gas fitter, so I ring his company. When the phone rings, he can see from the number that I have come from a Google ad and he will know it was worth paying for that ad campaign (or not). If you think this might help you business’ marketing efforts, call 0800 686 237. It couldn’t be easier.

Call tracking works by assigning unique virtual tracking numbers to different advertising sources, so you can identify which medium – TV, Press, Outdoor, Radio Facebook, Google – generated each call. You can even identify calls by campaign, source, web page or keyword. You can see if a call came from a paid ad on Google or from organic Google ranking (not-paid) or referral traffic and then you can print all the information out in a very handy report.

Why use AVANSER call tracking?

By providing reliable, relevant, and actionable information on which advertising sources are generating phone leads into your business, call tracking means you can optimise your marketing activities. You can focus your time and money on the marketing activities that actually work for your business, rather than on the ones “they” said you were supposed to focus on. Let’s face it, how many people actually call the gas fitter they saw on Instagram (for work).

What happens to calls once they hit your business?

Among a lot of other tricky things in the tool kit, AVANSER can help with call conversion too. Are you answering all your calls? Who is answering them? Where are they calling from? What time of the day are you getting most calls? How well are your calls being answered?

Research states that on average businesses miss between 17-20 per cent of all calls. How many more sales could you make if you can reduce that by 5 or 10 per cent? With AVANSER any missed calls can be called back giving your business another chance to convert that caller into a booking or sale, and you’ll know how that caller found you. AVANSER can help with call notifications and call recordings to help manage your missed calls and monitor the quality of how your calls are dealt with.

AVANSER call tracking sound interesting?

Curious to see how AVANSER can help improve your sales and marketing performance? Get in touch. We can work with your team to get AVANSER set up for you at your business.  We have the technical expertise to ensure that your call tracking is in harmony with all your marketing efforts.

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