Free Business Card MarketingEvery day we hand out various tiny brochures about our businesses without really thinking about it. If you take a look at your office desk, you probably spot random business cards/brochures lying around but usually people tend to overlook the potential marketing opportunities that could come with your personal business cards.

Most people get business cards out of necessity mainly because it is in fact, one of the very first things you need to do to get anywhere with your business. What most people fail to see or notice is the massive marketing potential that the small little rectangular card could offer.

Marketing Strategies

There are a number of marketing strategies that could possibly enhance the purpose of your business card, while simultaneously marketing your business out and expanding your client base. These strategies could be a range of things from:

  • Giving your card multifunctional purposes. This could be a range of ideas from making your business card multifunctional, or to make it relevant in an average person’s life. You could perhaps make your business card out to be a bookmark as well, so that it could come in handy when someone is reading. Other ideas could be to also make your business card capable of becoming a sticket.
  • Tracking your business card. In modern day, most people will have smart phones. A good idea would be to have a scan able QR code. Whenever you give out your business card, it could potentially provide the recipient an incentive to check out your business.
  • Challenge people. This could be as crazy as writing a riddle on your business card, to just having a fun fact that most people do not know about. Getting people to visit your website for a free download or having a pre-recorded phone message are great lead generation ideas.
  • Support a cause. Social impact and business are like peanut butter and jelly. They go very well together, so to have your business card show support for certain causes may only be a positive impact on your potential costumers/clients.
  • Put a face to the name. This one is very simply, but also very effective. Having a picture of yourself on your business card could really make your business card more “friendly” and noticeable.
  • Make the handover memorable. This one could take practice, but if you can make the process of you handing your business card to someone else memorable or interesting, it would definitely make an impression on the recipient of the card.

So now that we have gone over some marketing ideas for your business card, how can you potentially turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool? Get your business cards for free with your website. Ask us how on 0800 686 237.