WP DeveloperOne of the best things about WordPress is the number of terrific plugins that you can install onto your website. Both paid and free plugins are easily available, with the WordPress plugin directory housing over 30,000 for WordPress users. This makes choosing a plugin challenging, especially when they provide so many wonderful features. Luckily we have chosen five plugins for you that can help improve your website.

1. 404 To Start

404 errors appear when a user types a URL incorrectly, a page URL has changed or you have a broken link on your website. The 404 To Start plugin will send the user back to your homepage or another page you specify instead of showing the visitor a page with a 404 error message. This provides the user with a more seamless and nicer user experience.

2. WordPress Related Posts

At the bottom of your blog posts, the WordPress Related Posts plugin will share with users the other posts on your site which have similar content. This helps keep users engaged with your website and they are more likely to spend a longer time browsing through it if they have easy access to other articles they are interested in.

3. Mashshare

Social media is an important part of getting traffic to your website. The Mashshare plugin puts a Facebook and Twitter share button onto the top and bottom your post pages and also shows the number of shares each post has had. Website visitors are more likely to share content when sharing tools such as Mashshare are easily accessible to them.

4. Akismet

We all hate spam, so how about using a plugin to stop it? Akismet will stop your blog being filled with spam comments by holding them behind the scenes for you to review. If they are spam, you simply delete them and if they are genuine, publish the comments.

5. W3 Total Cache

If you want to speed up your website, then W3 Total Cache is the plugin you need to install. The first time the page is called up to view, the server stores a memory of the page, allowing it to be called quicker the next time. Visitors dislike slow websites and are more likely to click on to another website than wait for a slow one to load, which makes this plugin a must have.