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Searching for a Auckland Web Design company can be a nightmare; with so many options and choices and confusing jargon it can be really frustrating and time consuming looking for the right team to work with.

The last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time and money in a bad website, something you’re not happy with and doesn’t generate you more business.

It’s nice to know that one Auckland web design company understands your frustration in getting a good website. That’s a website that is simple, affordable and effective, a website that you can update yourself and will grow with your business.

In fact we guarantee your success. When you use our strategies, if your website doesn't pay for itself within 12 months we'll buy it back. That's a total refund on your website build. You can't get more fair than that!

Geek Free are North Auckland small business web design specialists that help local business owners like you generate outstanding results online. We know you’d prefer to work on your own business than be hunched over a computer and try and learn everything there is to know about web design.

Our goal is to make the process stress free and help you attract more local customers in an affordable and cost effective way.

If you'd like to know more about how we can get you more business online email us now via our contact form.

Choosing a Web Designer Isn't Easy....

There are lots of things to consider and unless you're in the business, it can be challenging to see the differences between one web company and another. That's why we've put this Web Design Consumer Awareness Guide together.

This guide is designed to enable you to make an intelligent educated decision. In this FREE guide you'll discover;

  • 6 Costly Misconceptions about Web Designers
  • Why You Want a Google Friendly Website
  • The Importance of Value and Price
  • How to Avoid 4 Website Rip-Offs
  • 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Designer
  • 5 Steps to a Website That Delivers Effective Results

Get web marketing educatedWe wrote this guide to help you better understand web design. With this information, you can now make  an intelligent decision.

Warning: make sure you read the Consumer Guide first before you part with any money or it could cost you! Grab your free guide now.

If you have any questions about small business web design, please call us on 0800 686 237.  We’ve dedicated our business to educating consumers.  We’ll be happy to help you.

Web Design Consumer Awareness Guide

Free guide
Free guide

Affordable Logo Design

Are you a business owner that understands the importance of branding your business properly? If so talk to us about having a professional logo design. A graphic designer can take your ideas and desires and craft them into a logo that fits your business.

Read more about our logo design process.

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